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Rustproofing and Undercoating in Johnstown, PA

Let Us Help Protect Your Vehicle From Rust in Johnstown, PA

City Brake & Auto Service, Inc., offers skilled rustproofing and undercoating services for vehicles in Johnstown and Somerset, PA. The roads and the weather in the Greater Johnstown area can really take a toll on your vehicle.

Our rustproofing and undercoating services are ideal for new and old vehicles of all types. To schedule an appointment for car maintenance services such as rustproofing and undercoating, contact City Brake & Auto Service, Inc., at (814) 254-4944.

Keep the Exterior of Your Car Looking Its Best with Rustproofing

Rustproofing is a solution that helps rust from appearing on the iron and steel body parts of a vehicle. The buildup of untreated rust over time leads to damage to the exterior parts of a car, van, truck, or SUV. You might also find rust in areas where there is paint damage. Rustproofing provides protection from corrosion caused by rust even in hard-to-see areas. Rust can form on vehicles due to weather conditions, salt, and pollution in the Greater Johnstown Area. City Brake and Auto Service, Inc., can remove rust from your vehicle and apply rustproofing treatments to prevent it from coming back. Adding a rustproofing solution to any make or model of vehicle will help maintain a good condition even after years of use. Removing and preventing the formation of rust will also help car owners save money on repairs in the future. Bring your vehicle to City Brake & Auto Service, Inc., and we will help protect your car from deterioration by rust.

Give Your Car a Protective Barrier from the Road with Undercoating

City Brake & Auto Service, Inc., provides undercoating services to protect your car from rust. Our undercoating solution creates a barrier between the underside of your vehicle and the road. Our mechanics can remove rust from the underside of your car and apply the undercoating solution to prevent it from coming back. Applying undercoating usually takes a day which means you can be back on the road with your car in no time. We even add undercoating in the middle of winter to protect the underside of your car from ice, salt, and other pollutants. Adding undercoating to a car, van, truck, or SUV, will keep it rust free for many years.

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